Blue Sky July by Nia Wyn : £6.99

Make sure you have a supply of tissues and plenty of time to read this book as you’ll probably find it difficult to put down. It will tug at your heart strings. Nia Wyn gives us her thoughts, actions and shows her unconditional love towards Joe, her baby son who suffers a devastating brain injury. We get to acompany her on their journey, through the highs and lows see the difficulties they face and how they overcome them and feel the truly amazing relationship that develops between mother and son. Nia Wyn has a lyrical style of writing which is a joy and inspiration to read.

What the reviews said...

‘Beautifully written and will strike a chord with every parent. It will have you hooked from beginning to end.’
Good Housekeeping

‘A heartbreaking tour-de-force...taking the literary world by storm.’
Daily Mail

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